There is an old cliché about the decorator choosing a piece of artwork to go with the color of the sofa. In the minds of many, “decorating” is just that, filling blank walls with pieces of fluff that compliment the surroundings. But, do you really want the person who is picking out your flooring, selecting your art?

Shanan takes the time to learn about your organization, understand your vision, and the special relationship that you have (or wish to have) with your customers.

Your organization stands for something. And, different physical spaces within your buildings have different functions. The right art can complement the activity of each space. Consider that art can take your breath away, create excitement and anticipation, or create a calm, healing atmosphere and encourage productivity. Beyond that, the themes Shanan develops, together may say more intangible things to the viewer. Shanan can make some subtle (and not so subtle) statements about innovation, or comfort and security, or just give the viewer a glimpse into how you see the world.

Everything should work together seamlessly to create the theme and flow, but at the same time feeling well thought out and special.

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