I will definitely use Shanan again.”

“In 2014 while visiting Burgundy France I saw a Bronze that was amazing. I didn’t know the artist or remember what winery I saw the piece, but Shanan said she could find it if I was still interested. I told her everything I could remember. In a very short period of time she found the piece and artist which she then had the artist create an original for me. Shanan is absolutely amazing in her work and professional all the way. I will definitely use her again.”


– David Neagle, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Success Mentor

…exceeded our expectations.”

“Shanan Campbell and her team have provided great work for the Baylor Family at All Saints. This project has exceeded our expectations, as the artwork has proven to be an invaluable asset. The opening ceremonies brought several accolades specific to the artwork from the Mayor, Senior Leadership and many others. Shanan is the best art consultant in North America.”


– Scott Eldredge, Vice President, Trammell Crow Company

I wouldn’t use anyone else!”

“Working with Shanan Campbell gave me the confidence I needed to start my art collection for my first home. She is very detail oriented and has great style and ideas. I wouldn’t use anyone else! The process has been fun and educational and I am looking forward to my next project with Shanan.”


– C. Collins, First Time Home buyer, Private Art Collector

…flawlessly handles the details.”

“Shanan has a keen eye for selection and placement. She diligently works to understand the expectations of her clients, and her ability to flawlessly handle the details makes for an experience that is not only fun, but exceptional in every regard.”


– Steve Short, President, First National Bank

…so appreciative.”

“I’m so appreciative of what Shanan did that you can basically write whatever you want, and I’ll swear it was my language.” 


– Kirk A. Dignum, Ph.D, President/CEO, Mercy Regional Medical Center

The pieces are absolute fun.”

“Thank you Shanan! The response from staff, young patients and parents has been so enthusiastic. The pieces are absolute fun.” 


– Dr. Larry Suazo, Animas Pediatric Dental Group

Shanan knows what she’s doing.”

“It was divine intervention that brought Shanan to us! No one else could have done what she did. It was a great experience to be a part of. I was so impressed with the compassion that she showed and how it was reflected in the art collection itself. Trust her judgment. Shanan knows what she’s doing.” 


– Judy Andrews, Campaign Chairwoman and Main Donor

…a great understanding.”

“I found that Shanan and her team have a great understanding of health care, the culture of the community and the culture of the area. They were able to bring the outdoors in. People in the community bring friends and family to the hospital to give them a tour of the artwork, both interior and exterior. It is something they want to show off.”


– Michael Gloor, Former President

It is indescribable.”

“Shanan is one of the most incredible and creative people I have ever met. The collection of artwork here at the new Balyor All Saints Andrews Womens Hospital separates us from anyone else. We get compliments on the artwork everyday. It is indescribable.”


–  Freddy Jones, President, All Saints Health Care Foundation


“The building itself is a work of art, but the art within the building softens and lightens every aspect of its design. Shanan and her team were masterful in translating what is important to central Nebraska into a tribute to our area, and a destination for outstanding healthcare.”


– Marie De Martinez, Vice President for Business Development and Strategic Planning

Shanan’s creativity was magnificent.”

“Shanan combined an understanding of the clinical needs of patients, staff, architectural and aesthetic philosophies and stayed true to our defined art theme. Her creativity was magnificent while staying within our budgetary guidelines.” 


–  Karen Midkiff, Chief Development Officer, Mercy Healthy Foundation

…with us every step of the way.”

“Shanan was amazing. She quickly grasped the goals of our project and translated them into a wonderful art program. Shanan captured the heart and soul of our new hospital. She was with us every step of the way and we are so proud of her work.”


– Steven Newton, President, Baylor All Saints Medical Center

…worth every dime and more.”

“Working with Shanan and her team was a wonderful experience. They captured the essence of healing through art for our facility. Their services and the art was worth every dime and more.” 


–  Janice Whitmire, Chief Operating Officer, Baylor All Sains Andrews Women’s Hospital

…greatly enhanced.”

“Shanan Campbell put together an excellent collection for our facility. With their artistic expertise and resources they assembled a collection of beautiful work that has greatly enhanced the healing atmosphere we aimed for. The framing of each work is individual and each work was hung with attention to the best use of space. Shanan and her team did a superb job within tight budget constraints. Their integrity and dedication to excellent service are admirable.” – Beth Utton


– Beth Utton, South Colorado Mental Health Care

…what is important to us.”

“We appreciated the time that Shanan and her team took to research Alpine Bank, to find out who we are and what is important to us.”

–  Beth Drum, Marketing Director, Alpine Bank

...obviously experienced.”

“We found Shanan to be well organized, presenting her recommendation in a thoughtful manner. She is obviously experienced and enjoys her work very much.” – Brain A. Field


– Brian A. Field, Frauenshuh Property and Asset Management